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Thread: Script to place a card IN a deck either on top or bottom?

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    Script to place a card IN a deck either on top or bottom?

    is there a way to script an object to be placed INTO a existing deck.. either on top or bottom or w/e?

    Like do I have to physically pick up the dekc and drop it on the card to put on bottom or draw the top 5 cards, place the can on the deck and then drop those 5 cards back on top to place a card in 6 position of deck?

    Of can you just place it directly into the deck at a given point?
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    AFAIK the former; you have to manually pick up the cards you want over it, put it over the rest, and let them all fall together.

    (it'd be really nice if putObject would take an optional position parameter...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by onelivesleft View Post
    (it'd be really nice if putObject would take an optional position parameter...)

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    With decks, you can use deck.cut() to divide the deck at an arbitrary location, and then reassemble the pieces with the new items. See for details.

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    Please someone add an API function to slide a card into position X of a deck e.g. "position zero" could be add to the top and no specified position ( or a number greater than the number of cards in the deck ) would be add to the bottom

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    Try this

    function insertInto(container, obj, offset) 
        if container != nil then -- we have a bag or deck
            local contents = container.getData()
            -- container.destroy() -- enable once test log shows correct result
            log(contents) -- check the exact name of the contained objects table
            local items = contents.contained_objects  -- might need to check if contained_objects is missing...
            if offset > #items then
                offset = #items + 1
            table.insert(items, obj, offset) -- this actually inserts obj into contents.contained_items because items is a reference.
            return spawnObjectData(contents) -- returns reference to new bag with additional object.
            print(logString(container), ": not a container")
            return nil
    purports to do the trick; no special API needed.

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