We really need to have natural, dynamic resizing in VR mode.

By that I mean that pressing both grip buttons should let us move, rotate, and change the world size dynamically (where we see the changes happen in real-time) and naturally (all 3 position/rotation/scale changes at once just based on the positions of our hands). Tilt Brush does this perfectly and it should be what TTS does to make placing ourselves much easier. Currently, every time i move the cube, I'm uncertain if I'll be where i wanted to be when I let go of the grip buttons, which is really annoying, especially because it's something we have to do a LOT.

Additionally, scale should be shown between your hands, similarly to how Tilt Brush does it. This is important to give an "at a glance" feel for how big/small our scale is. Tilt Brush's animals make the point extremely clear, though you could replace the smaller animals by game pieces (like a chess pawn, a dice tower, a poker chip, etc) to fit TTS' theme.

Also, when gripping to change scale/positions/rotation, you should be able to press a button to go back to the normal scale/position/rotation that you were at when you last pressed the stick/trackpad (the purple line that appears, currently). That would be how we set our default position instead of how we move, since the new system described here would make moving around the table really easy (grab the air with both hands and pull).

Finally, the alt-zoom should be moved OFF of the grip buttons to make this resizing action more reliable. Currently, whenever you wan't to change the scale/rotation/vertical position, you have to press the grip buttons but if your laser is pointing at an object (which in some mods is almost ALL THE TIME) you'll see the alt-zoom preview of it instead of scaling/rotating, which is MADDENING. It means you have to make sure you point both hands at the sky every time you want to change your position, which is totally ridiculous..