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Thread: An issue with custom model size.

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    An issue with custom model size.

    I'm having issues with custom models being too large.

    Let me point out that I have seen a past post on this issue, and in that instance it was simply Maya's default scale not matching tabletop's scale.

    I do not use Maya, I use Cinema4D. C4D's default scaling is 1cm, matching that of tabletop. Yet any model I make, no matter its size on the grid in-program nor what I scale it to (from 1km to 1nm, via export scale and/or setting the project's scale) the result is always a maximum-size model.

    Does anyone know anything about this?

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    I have this same issue... TTS is 'supposed' to be in imperial measurement with a inch as 1 unit ... (I think) but everything I make it giant.

    Best thing to do is just do some export tests with a disc or a sphere or something and then keep scaling it until it is a good size. Then use it for scale comparison. I basically import this one object into all my scenes and scale the scene to match it.

    Also, TTS is just UNITY, so there is a lot of modder tools you can find around the place to rip all the data from the application. I did this myself and extracted the actual table meshes TTS use.. this is also a great way to set scale.

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    TTS is in inches, the unity measurement. If your model is always max size, then it sounds like the size information in the obj file may not be readable by unity, at least not with how TTS imports.

    Passing it through Unity and making it an assetBundle would let you fix it. Sorry I don't have more helpful info

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