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Thread: 3 ideas i think would make a great edition to the game for modders and DLC creators.

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    3 ideas i think would make a great edition to the game for modders and DLC creators.

    1. Random Tile Generator: Basically a system so modders and dlc creators can use for RPG style board games. For example a game like zombicide or dungeons and dragons. Say you dont want to spend time setting up the board for a new game and you want it to be a map you have never played before. You use the tool to generate a board using the tile assets the modders and dlc created. Saves time and makes the game interesting.

    1.A Fog of war for generated tiles: say if you wanted a progressive boardgame where you want the map to be a surprise so you have decide which path you want to take on the boardgame.

    2. Character card generator: Basically you have a template of a character card and you use pre-made assets to change the hair, face and clothing so you have a more personalised character for a RPG type board game.

    3. Object launcher system: To be able to make an object and configure what kind of projectile it shoots and how powerfull.

    If I didn't make sense with any of these suggestions and I can elaborate.

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    One Suggestion Per Thread Please Zeltrax as per the Forum rules if you can


    It just makes it easier to keep track of suggestions if there not bundled together in a single thread.

    Either Edit this one and create 2 more or I can lock this one for you and you can create three fresh threads, one for each suggestion.

    Thank you.

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    Sorry Didn't know and sorry for late reply for some reason I didn't get an email that someone replied. Just either delete it or lock it and Ill remake all 3 into separate threads.

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