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Thread: Hand Zones - include object movement on y axis, and zone to object rotation.

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    Lightbulb Hand Zones - include object movement on y axis, and zone to object rotation.

    Hello everyone again, I'll try to keep this short.

    I would like to see two things concerning hand zones..

    1) When rotating a hand zone, to some degree, the items within the zone should rotate with it. This will be helpful for simply tilting the hand zone to be able to hold all of your cards in a more vertical facing position. Currently cards within a hand zone face straight up as if laying nearly flat on the table. This could also be changed so as to simply allow cards to be held with further rotation info; if I rotate a card on the x axis before it enters the hand zone, it should keep that rotation similar to how it is currently while rotating on the y axis.

    edit - I have seen a lot of people disagree with this first suggestion in the steam forums, but for modding and custom games, I personally believe it is a needed feature.. if even it means including an alternative method to enable or disable the feature.

    2) The ability to change the height at which a hand zone holds objects away from the table. Currently, a hand zone seems to have a designated height from the tabletop which may feel improper on a given (likely custom) table. Changing the x or z axes of a hand zone will update all the held objects to the new position, but changing the zone on the y axis has no effect on objects within the zone. This should be changed to include object movement on the y axis the same as the x or z axes. Depending on the amount of held cards and the length of the hand zone, cards can sit pretty high off the table... if I could at least set the held cards closer to the table it wouldn't look so bad.

    Let me know what you guys think? If these features are already exist, please explain how I can use them. Thanks!
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    2 would especially be useful for VR, where you're usually above the table and don't want to look all the way down below you to see your cards

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