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    Berserk Games Logo

    Someone (superman) via chat pointed out that the Berserk bot says "TTS is family friendly.. blah blah" and then went on to notice that the Berserk Games Logo is covered in blood splatter. I agree with his/her assessment of the situation, and would hope the devs fix this.


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    i have no problem with the blood personally but i do agree that it's not exactly family friendly. the easiest thing to do is to replace the color for some of the patches of blood so it reads as paint... which doesn't exactly make sense but it's the path of least resistance.

    but the bigger issue imo is the logo itself... especially the animated version looks really unprofessional and is actually irritating. for some reason it actually bugs me. i think it would do you guys some good to do a re-do on the that logo design - font, materials, animation, etc.

    i think you guys were going for blood because of the name "berserker" but since you're primarily known now for tts, you might consider doing a board game themed logo.

    just my 2 cents.

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    IMHO the logo is fine enough.
    There's no blood, it's ketchup.

    Besides,a company logo is separate from the company product.
    TTS is family friendly, no-one claimed that B-G in general would need to be.
    What if B-G decides to do something that has not anything to do with boardgames?

    However, I can understand how the "ketchuppy" logo might irritate and scare people.
    Maybe an option for not showing the logo at all when loading?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tumba View Post
    "There's no blood, it's ketchup."
    We are not that naive, it is blood splatter. Nothing more nothing less.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tumba View Post
    "showing the logo at all when loading?"
    It is on the game when you're picking games, talking in chat. Not just when loading.

    My point, and others, is that the game is supposed to be "family friendly" and one could argue that the logo is not seen as such. Why should I be forced to have a "family friendly" environment when they don't follow their own rules?

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    I feel it is understood you find that a splatter of red on a logo is not in line with what is considered "family friendly". However there is no one definition of what is considered "family friendly" as it hinges on what the individual thinks is appropriate for children.

    While the term is used by the chat, it can't be a hard-and-fast definition of what is allowable. Instead it would appear to me to be meant as general guidance, to consider your words and the audience you are interacting with. I get your point that you don't think, or at least question, that the Logo should have a red splatter on it. That in your estimation it is not "family friendly". However if the developers disagree with you and choose to leave it, that does not invalidate their standards they have set for person-to-person interaction. It just means you disagree on this particular instance of what is "family friendly". There is no "rule" being broken.

    It is still good that you share concerns like this here, but lets ALL OF US make an effort not to let this devolve into an argument over semantics and hyperbole.
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    give me a break, this entire thread is ridiculous.

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