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Thread: I would like to have the ability to see the description of the card immediately.

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    I would like to have the ability to see the description of the card immediately.

    To translate the current mode to another language, you need to modify the image itself, which takes a lot of time.

    It will take a few of time if you put the translated text on the Description tab, but you will need 2 seconds per object to view the Description tab, which is inconvenient and interferes with the progress of the game.

    Pressing a specific key after a mouseover causes the description to be printed immediately, or to print specific text on mouseover. Or I want to be able to annotate under the image when the card is enlarged in the

    Alt key. There may be a way to use a script, but I can not handle the script. And I think that many people who can not deal with scripts of table top simulator mode maker.

    Thank you for making table top simulator and hope your happiness.

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    For any future people landing here, it's possible to have more text in the name field than the UI allows.

    Discussion can be found here:

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    I also agree that we should have control over how long it takes for names/descriptions of objects to appear on screen. I think it would be best as an option under option>options, which would control the timers of all objects in the mod. Then, you could also set each item to have their own timer with a variable, something like "timerToDescription = 1000" (number would be in milliseconds).

    It feels like it would be an easy thing to add

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