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Thread: [v9.7] Cards are greyed out when searching decks

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    [v9.7] Cards are greyed out when searching decks

    When searching decks, the cards appear "greyed out". They can still be differentiated and used, they just may be harder to read depending on the design.

    This happens to all decks, whether it's the standard French deck, the Cardbots deck, or a custom deck. I assume it also affects DLC cards, though I don't have DLC myself.

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    What's even more interesting, they appear greyish-washed-out on the TOP of the Deck window and get gradually better on the way down, looking normal at the bottom of it. Scrolling has no effect on it.

    Demo: [url][/url]
    Windows 7 64bit, game up to date, video drivers up to date, let me know if ya need more specs

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    It's the Ambient Lighting which is affecting them. The weird thing is, if I turn the ambient lighting to 0 I still get this weird brown glow in the center of the Search window.

    I think all the cards need to be illuminated evenly. Right now they seem to be under some kind of spotlight.

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    This issue still persists in the latest hotfix. I consider it a pretty significant issue as I often play games with heavy text on cards, sometimes even using a searchable deck as a "dictionary" for information.

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