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Thread: Buttons: Texture instead of text

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    Buttons: Texture instead of text

    Instead of a button having text, can we allow for a button to have an image (and for the image to be changeable in scripting?)

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    A fine suggestion. Maybe we could hook it up with the decal system so we could make buttons with decals instead of text. Then people could have easy access to the image sources too

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    Yea this would be really powerful. Ideally, the image would replace the actual default button "image" (though an option to keep it could be good).

    If this is added, some controls over how the mouseover effect would look would also be important. Just making it darker, like it is now, would probably not be clear enough and players wouldn't realize that an image would be a button.

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    Hang on - I just thought of something... can decals be spawned and altered by scripting yet?

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    Sadly, no.

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    All this is by way of me trying to find a better way to do dials other than states with models that have different UVs. Buttons that let you have textures instead of text, and to have those textures changable by way of scripting would be a wonderful solution.

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    I wouldn't necessarily want it INSTEAD of text, though it would be good to have as a choice. With or without should be allowed.

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    I can imagine a lot of interesting applications for scripted decals, as long as they had at least as much control as buttons do. (I'd be happier if it didn't take index chasing, but that goes for regular buttons too.)

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    Moved to Scripting Suggestions

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