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Thread: Inconsistency with transparency on tokens

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    Angry Inconsistency with transparency on tokens

    I have been uploading a set of images, all of which have transparency in them. For some reason, however, some of the images are not being imported with their transparency. I created all those images with the same app at the same time but I can't figure out why they're not importing with transparency... As far as I can tell there shouldn't be anything preventing it from happening.

    Here are the files that DO work with transparency:

    and here are the ones that DIDN'T show up with transparency:

    Do note that the 0 is actually importing the empty pixels as black whereas all the other ones are imported as white....

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    Here Try these versions instead.

    Adding a single clear pixel all around the perimeter will help keep it working smoothly as a rule of thumb.

    The process used to form your shape does not like multiple distinct transparent sections or a transparent Window in an otherwise solid shape.
    so to make a window cut a single wide pixel gap from the hole to the outside edge. and keep your transparent sections connected so they form a continuous whole.
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    Oh wow, ok. Yea these files worked. These tips really should be listed as a mouseover tooltip in the token creation window.

    For the 7, does it count as one continuous transparent section because of the pixel-wide spacing around the image? I can't see a hole connecting the transparent halves like you did for the 0, so I'm guessing that going around the image works

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    Yes that's right, I don't really use the custom token, but luckily this same thing came up in conversation with another group I'm part of just a couple of days ago

    Or I'd be scratching my head as to the cause of the problem myself... serendipity I guess

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    Yea, seems I got quite lucky! But yea a not about this either in that window or at least in the documentation about custom tokens seems important. I've had this bug before but didn't find a solution

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