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Thread: how to set a "nil" function button

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    how to set a "nil" function button

    In my old code (before it all got broken by a cool content patch) if I wanted a button to have no actual clickable function and just be a readout I put click_function = 'nil'... and just had no function with that name.

    Problem is that now you get an error code for trying to activate a function that dose not exist.

    Is there a new way to have a button just a read out and not have a click function, maybe one that means it will now not have the red button icon on mouse over?

    Currently I just have a empty function at the bottom of the script function nothing()end to fix it.. but thought there may be a better way?

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    You can't have no click_function currently and linking an empty dummy function like you did is the way to go.

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    Yeah I miss it not reporting an error, but it will be easier for people to tell when they have an error and aren't running a function, so I'll live with it haha

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    maybe a global flag you could put into the globalscript to disable error messages might be cool... oh and while they are at it remove the "auto save" chat spam!! hehe

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    ... oh and while they are at it remove the "auto save" chat spam!! hehe
    Update v9.7

    Character Sheets can now be created with scripting createInput()
    You can now change colors in Hotseat mode.
    Increased camera render distance by double for large games.
    Auto save will no longer clutter chat
    Cloud Manager will now automatically preview .obj and assetbundle files.
    Reduced the input lag of moving objects around for clients.
    Improved colliders on deal color wheel.
    D6 now has consistent dot orientation to match the rest.
    Improved lighting for UI 3D objects in menus.

    Are you refereing to this or something else ?

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    It's easy enough to add
    function none() end -- for dummy buttons
    but it would be nice if you could just specify
    click_function = ''
    and it would know not to do anything on click.

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