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Thread: Snapping to snap points with scripting

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    Snapping to snap points with scripting

    It would be great to be able to make uses of snap points in scripting.

    More specifically, stuff like TakeObjects() can move something somewhere, but even if it's very near a snap point when it drops, it won't snap to it, which is annoying.

    And in general it would be great to be able to get the coordinates of snap points to send stuff to it with scripting. They're usually where you want objects to go when players handle objects, so why not make use of those same coordinates thru scripting instead of having to retype them in?

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    Moved to scripting Suggestions.

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    Seconded with the hope of being able to manipulate snap points by scripting. Add and remove, set/get position and rotation, add to object or to table, etc.

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    I hadn't even considered adding/moving/removing points with scripting! That could be really powerful!

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    Snap points on objects would be amazing. We could have arms holding weapons and snap them to models and swap out for other weapons.

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    Snap points can already be added to an object, but doing so programically would be wonderful. Combine that with the "Slot/Peg" feature that I've requested and a lot of things open up.

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