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Thread: joints in scripting

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    Lightbulb joints in scripting

    Maybe I just haven't seen it, but we should really be able to use joints with scripting.

    Pretty much everything you'd want from joints in scripting would be nice. Making them, breaking them, changing their properties, etc

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    Definitely seconded, even though this should be in the scripting suggestions forum.

    just a few thoughts...

    object getJointParent() {returns self's joint parent}
    index setJointParent(Object obj, Table params) {sets obj as parent of self with joint parameters params}
    table getJointChildren() {returns table of objects and joint parameters}
    int addJointChild(Object obj, Table params) {returns index of object}
    void removeJointChild(index)
    int getChildIndex(obj) {returns index of obj in self's child list}
    int getJointIndex() {returns index of self in parent's child list}
    void setJointParams(index, params) {merge contents of params into joint parameters for obj at index}
    Table getJointParams(index) {returns table of joint parameters of child obj at index}

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    Moved to Scripting suggestions.

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