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Thread: inconsistent locked status between scripted and UI toggles

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    inconsistent locked status between scripted and UI toggles

    when my script locks an object using self.setLock(true), the UI toggle remains unchecked although indeed the object is locked. I can unlock the object by first setting and then clearing the toggle. Obviously minor, but if you are in the relevant code, would be nice to fix it.

    It is working fine after all. I don't understand how I saw otherwise.
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    My guess is maybe you had the context menu open when it locked/unlocked and the UI didn't update? Or maybe its just one of those things. Happens to us all haha

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    I think this is an older issue that occasionally pops up, under certain circumstances those UI check marks fail to match the actual state its supposed to represent.

    I've also seen this happen on occasions when group selecting and setting UI toggles though without any particular pattern to the odd time its happened

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