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Thread: Looking for Help with a MOD... UNITY MODDER WANTED

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    Looking for Help with a MOD... UNITY MODDER WANTED

    Hi there...

    I'm looking for a help with my new mod.

    I'm making a DUEL OF AGES II mod and have been very happy to revive a lot of support from the designer / self-publisher... as he has sent me all the source files so I do no need to scan anything.

    I was only expecting a little bit but he has given me such quality source to make the components I would like to put some extra effort into the mod and thought it would be cool to have a really neat table. Like the one in XIA but most lily without scripting additions.

    I know form a few mods that you can use advanced / animated UNITY shades in asset bundles. So I was hoping someone (Lucky7?) may be interested in helping me pimp out my table.

    See this mod with a animated "portal" - [url][/url]

    What is Duel of Ages II

    Duel of Ages II is about a virtual world where people due using historical and fictional avatars from all across history. It is a pretty unique game though it has strong roots to classic chitz pusher wargames. The interesting theme of a "virtual" world gives me an idea that I "think" would make a awesome looking table, and not be to hard to do for anyone that knows how to use UNITY.

    The Mission should you choose to accept it

    I was thinking of making it a "holographic" table. Something scifi-ish.. but the trick is to use UNITY shaders to fake a projection and then have the player boards placed ON that for the game itself.... The game is 2 player, or 4 player in two teams so it only needs to be usable for people sitting on each side facing each other..

    So the game boards are slightly raised. This is just a super rough sketch lol, doesn't have to be that high.. but you get the point I think.. two levels... a lower area for the two player board zones and then a raised area for the actual boards where the game play takes place.

    The through the use of the UNITY shaders we can make the raised part look illuminated by "beams".

    To quick google searches came up with this to show you what I mean.

    All we need to do is make the green parts of the sketch invisible, and the flat top bit have a colider so the game boards can be placed on there and look like they are floating above the table. Then use the UNITY shaders to make a cool looking "beam" fomr the center or sides of the table to w/e to underneath the floating bit where the boards are sitting.

    Some Inspiration

    What dose the game actually look like?

    I took these last time I played.

    How will we ordinate?

    I am happy for the person (assuming anyone wants to help) to do the entire table... but I was thinking maybe a better way would be for me to make the table, UV and texture it in 3D and then all they need to do is import the table and add the visual effect.

    So .... anyone want to help

    Just send me a PM or reply to this thread if you would like to help!

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    Hi! 10+ of the keys and platters on the only two workshop DOA are coming back with errors b/c the .jpg doesn't exist. I was going to try and fix this - can you DM me if you still have the scans you refer to above?

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    This was one of those mods I never got around to finishing...

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