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Thread: LF1 Player Futuristic / Sci-fi D&D Style campaign, closed invite.

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    LF1 Player Futuristic / Sci-fi D&D Style campaign, closed invite.

    [Party is currently full, recruitment is closed for the time being, possibly permanently]

    (You need will Discord with a decent mic) Currently looking to do this weekly at 6 EST Mondays, there is some flexibility.)

    Despite this whole page looking tryhard and intense, we really just want someone with a good personality and an interest in the idea, I have 0 criteria of your knowledge on D&D. 99% of what we’re looking for is someone whose personality will gel with the group. For us, D&D is at its best when you yourself are dying in laughter, but you are still operating your character as if they are taking everything very realistically. By maintaining that you will eventually get invested enough to see the greater story telling potentials, but start from a light heart. If you’re not a weird memelord, and consider yourself a generally cool and intelligent person, you can effectively ignore the rest of this post. The following is for those who are familier with D&D and want some assurance about the quality of the campaign, as I can understand the hesitation towards joining cringey stranger D&D groups.

    Looking for 1 (possibly 2) players to fill already in progress weekly campaign set in a futuristic / Science Fiction Universe . There is no experience or knowledge required as long as you feel competent towards the idea of RPing. (you don’t need to do crazy voice acting, just fulfilling a role) You tell me what you want to do, and I’ll let you know how the world responds and what checks you need to pass.

    We are 3 friends of 6+ years who have completed a campaign before with a previous DM. I’m the DM Of this new campaign, and he has since left and we need someone to replace him (We feel like 3 Players is fine, but we may consider 4)
    Using the core D20 Stats from D&D, the system is heavily homebrewed, weapon values, skills, and feats have all been heavily modified. Don’t come in expecting to game systems you are familiar with, the systems only exist to resolve outcomes that can’t be determined through logic. They are there for reference, not to get in technical disputes with the DM over, that being said.

    As a DM, my two core philosophies are

    1; The perfect RPG has no systems. In short this means that there is no pointing to a rule book to say “aha!”, rules, systems, and die rolls are there to determine the outcome of things that can’t be realistically reasoned or role-played out. I encourage you to argue my calls that you think don’t make sense (without being a burden to the group / annoying), keep me consistent, but don’t be a walking “actually” to catch me on niche technicalities. I am flexible and have changed / created new systems based on disagreements, but at the end of the day, DM’s say reigns.

    2; my story is less important than yours. The campaign started with “you’re in a city, what do you want to do?” I have characters and plots I hope you will gravitate to, but you’re adherence to them is on you. I will create new environments and characters to facilitate your actions, the world is 100% open, but I obviously also support the following of more crafted stories.

    PM Me if this group sounds like a fit for you.
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