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Thread: Hidden Area setting to only hide within boundary (hide/show part of card)

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    Hidden Area setting to only hide within boundary (hide/show part of card)

    I was putting together Fate of the Elder Gods for a private game session and struggled with the game mechanic of readying spells. Each spell has a cost shown on the face-up side of the card and the player would cover the bottom (spell) portion with their hand to reveal the cost to everyone else (to ensure it is properly paid). I could not find a way to get the hidden zone to allow for parts of the card to show through; as soon as a voxel of the card enters the hidden zone, the entire card become hidden.

    This suggestion/request is to have a setting on hidden zones that hide only what is within the boundary, thus allowing the reveal of parts of objects and cards.

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    Not a bad suggestion, and I can think of a hack to help with this right now

    You could also put decals onto the cards to block visibility on them both regularly and in the ALT camera zoom on the card. I think decals survive fairly well while in a container/deck on a card.

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    I had a look at this game at one time, and while I didn't actually do it, I did think of a solution....

    Build a "bracket" object,... like this.... excuse my ****ed drawing skills lol

    So.. what is going on here?

    • In TTS you can have completely different shaped collide assigned to any given object.
    • This means you can have a completely textured and cool looking object but have the collision part be very different to its shape.

    This example is...
    • A large black cube / oblong or whatever that is to obscure text part of each card. This just need to be a simple primitive exported from your fav 3D App.
    • Under it you have a flat "board" that is there to show the player where to drop the card, and also take a snap point to make sure it goes into the right spot.
    • ONLY the flat board part is added to the collider, not the box.

    • Now when you drop anything on the board, it will fall through the opaque box and sit on the board, but the box obscuring what ever part of the card is inside it.

    Dose that make sense.. I have tried to make it sound simple, and it really is.. basically I'm just talking about 2 boxes.

    To use all you need to do is flip the card to its card back in your hand zone, then drag to the board, and drop it. The snap on the board makes sure it falls in place so the text is hidden and the costs are not. Then just flip the card over to reveal it. Just make sure the box is tall enough to obscure the card while it is flipping.

    Hope that helps!

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