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Thread: Example : How to make Rule Book Machines

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    Example : How to make Rule Book Machines

    First, video

    For naming conventions, you will have to use this script in Global, and then put 'archive' in the card descriptions for your rules pages. This will clone a copy back to the bag it is drawn from when you load the rules.

    function onObjectLeaveContainer(container, object)
    	local desc = object.getDescription()
    	if string.find(desc, 'archive') then
    		if container then
    			local params = {}
    			local destination = {}
    			destination = container.getPosition()
    			destination.y = destination.y + 2
    			params.position = destination
    			local clone = object.clone(params)
    			desc = string.gsub(desc, 'archive', 'copy')
    Label your rules pages however you like. I used "Page 1", "Page 2", etc.

    Then there are 2 boards that have the code on them. Here is the pastebin link as it is rather long.


    The buttons are made invisible by setting

    color = {1,1,1,0}, font_color = {0,0,0,100}
    This allows me to design my own style of labels for the buttons. After you have designed your table of contents, you can use the awesome Button Visualizer tool GiantDwarf01 to line up where the positions for the buttons should be.

    Hope you like it I am still new at scripting so it is very likely there is a much shorter solution to doing this.

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    I like this. Thanks for sharing.
    I had the idea of doing something similar for another project i hope to have time to work on but i thought it would be too ambitious for my level.

    You made it simple. Thank you very much

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