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Thread: Discord Rich Presence integration

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    Lightbulb Discord Rich Presence integration

    Recently, Discord added [URL=""]Rich Presence integration[/URL], and it would be great if TTS could implement it.

    What it does is let you have loads of data about your game into Discord so that can be used for informing other players OR making it easier to play together. For example: I've seen it integrated as a 1 click link to invite friends to play with you, and the invite itself showed mid-chat how many spots were left and who was in the game.

    I think you can also have game info on your discord profile, so you could have the name of the current game being played and how long they've been playing it, both of which are useful informations to friends that might want to know how far along a game you are and if you're close to being done.

    There might be other ways it could be integrated (and do comment below) but even those 2 would be really great additions (the first one especially).

    Note for the devs: The link i added has another link (towards the top) on how to integrate this.

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    I'm just not on board with more Discord integration.

    I have said this before.. but imo, it is just a bad idea to integrate a 3rd party chat system. TTS is already relying on Steam.. but maybe it is just as I am old but I have seen soooooooooooooo many different "chat systems".. they all become the "standard" and discord is just the latest to replace the old guard.

    I mean what if TTS was only a few years earlier and had integrated TeamSpeak, or Mumble, or ICQ or Skype or Ventrillo or w/e, I could list 10 more.. all of which at one time was the "one chat" everyone used.

    No matter how "popular" these things are they are transitory as the entire community will move as soon as a new one they like pops up.. TTS, imo, should be looking to the far future.. as in after the game is no longer supported and the devs have moved on and the dedicated boardgame fans are all still making stuff anyway. I'm talking 10 years away and stuff.

    TTS, imo, should be self sufficient.

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    Here it's not like it's for chatting, it's for inviting ppl in the game more easily, something that the game really needs.

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    Allowing integration with something does not mean you're depending on it. It's just a matter of having an API (Steam exposes some functionality already I think) and making it work with a specific thing.

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