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Thread: Paragon Tactics Arena - Original Turn Based Tactics Boardgame

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    Paragon Tactics Arena - Original Turn Based Tactics Boardgame

    Paragon Tactics Arena is a turn based tactical game where 2 to 4 players lead characters in an arena to decide who’s the best strategist. Between so many enemies and obstacles, your characters can’t move freely. You must command them trough action cards bought during the combat, turning the cards administration even more challenging than the battle itself. Each player must control its team strategically and tactically to best utilize their powers and special abilities and defeat all opponents.


    It was originally created in Portuguese and added as a mod for Tabletop Simulator in January of 2016. Recently I've translated the rulebook and the standard 16 characters to expand its reach and get a little more feedback from people around the world! The english rulebook can be found in-game or downloaded here:

    As english is not my native language, there is probably a lot of painful mistakes and typos. So ANY kind of feedback, suggestion, question or correction will be really appreciated!

    Thank you!
    G. Scary T.
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