So I think I have found another bug.. you can see this in my new Alien Frontier Mod....

The Situation

Basically the mod uses open hands.. so all the hand zones are visible to all the other players. I have made a setup script that on button press uses, player_colour). I have also tried using deck.takeObject(prams) and placing the drawn card above the hand zone and letting it "fall" down into it.. this is ow the mod currently works as it was the 2nd thing I tried after deal.

The Problem

While the host sees all the cards correctly, all other players see NO cards at all in anyone hands, but as soon as any player or host pulls the cards out of the hands and back into the hands everything form then on works as normal.

Work Around

I have no work around solution at this time. I thought dealing above the hand zone and having the "fall" into it would solve this, but it doesn't.


If you have player hand zones set to always visible, and then use a script to raw into them (when the hand is empty) the card dose not show up as in the hand for other players. They see nothing. The host sees everything correctly. Using scripts to draw additional cards or manually pulling the cards out of the hand and putting it back, suddenly fixes it so the player can see what is in the hand.