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Thread: workshop and saves don't work

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    Unhappy workshop and saves don't work

    In this new update, I find some mod can't load as usual.
    This happens when you are not host,but a peomoted player.
    what's more, some mod you can't save or load as well.
    Can you fix it?

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    Same here, promoted players cannot save anymore. It's not working.

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    Guests can't load or save big tables, but there seem to be a different code path when people join, since guests can join big tables that are hosted or loaded by host, but cannot save or load big saves as guests.

    On one of the previous update notes developers mentioned that the packet size was increased to help with saving.
    Can you increase it more, split-and-resemble the metadata that has to move between guest-host or compress the content in transit to/from host when loading/saving as a guest?

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    I will give you a mod to try this problem.

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    is this issue in the backlog or will never be fixed (like too low priority or inc. with current network code)?
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    I also have a number of players with this problem and my mod. They cannot load large tables and cannot save games when joined and promoted.

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    well the workaround is to save some stuff to your chest and delete them off your table until the table itself saves
    then you can reverse it as a guest or whatever

    but then again there is no excuse why you can't send a json of arbitrary length between two computers in 2018... right?

    if you do have some upper limit for whatever reason, at least slap some free gzip lib on both ends and suddenly you can send 20 times more data in the same number of bytes.

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    Me and my friends have the same problem.

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    all of a sudden, eight months later, it's fixed

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