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Thread: Default custom objects update

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    Default custom objects update

    I feel like current custom objects are kind of outdated and could use some basic changes

    - Custom Board: It actually isn't square like it appears to be, each side has a slight bulge. This may be unwanted in games with square boards where play area matters. Image: [url][/url]

    - Custom Tile: Lacks "material" setting, tiles always sound like plastic. If we'd be able to set them to wood/cardboard/etc, it would be way more flexible (and could even serve as a single card detached from a deck).

    - Custom Token: Lacks material settings like the Tile. Being able to set bottom image (while shape is still defined by front image) would make it more flexible too.

    - Custom Deck: Scripting API, please......

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    Aaaaah, posted in wrong category. Can it be moved to suggestions please?
    (I can't find an option to delete thread)

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    Custom Figurines should be scalable independent of their base.

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