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Thread: Please fix the entry fields for Character Sheets

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    Please fix the entry fields for Character Sheets

    i am using a custom made character sheet for my game, and whenever somebody joins in mid game they won't be able to see any of the fields, they show up as empty... so a workaround for that is I have to retype in all those fields for the new people who have just joined the game. It shows up fine for those who have been in the game.

    Can you please fix this problem. It makes using these custom sheets such a hassle.

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    More of a bug report, that Input Fields do not sync properly when a client connects. I am guessing you used the character sheet template thing I made? If so, I might be able to change some inner workings and ask you to test it for me.

    For now, an easy fix might be to unlock the character sheet, throw it into a bag and pull it back out. Still annoying, but it should re-instance the sheet and all the data should be visible for everyone.

    I will look into how the text fields are filled in. It is possible I may be able to make a change in how the template's underlying input spawning code works to fix this, depending on how I did it

    - - - Updated - - -

    Follow up, I just checked. My thinking was maybe I was creating the input THEN updating the value, but that's not the case. It is loading the value from its save information. So I believe it is just a bug. If an admin could move this to scripting bugs it would be appreciated, or you can make a thread there to report it. I do not believe this is a bug they are aware of.

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    Hello MrStump, that's exactly what I am using. Your character sheet mod from the workshop. Perfect for my needs and very easy to edit. However like you said, it doesn't sync the entry fields when a player joins after.

    So as you confirmed that this is a bug that the developers need to fix form their end then?

    I hope to see it fixed soon, because it makes certain games unplayable that rely on character sheets.

    Thanks for your update.

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    When Input Fields were first introduced a couple months back, I quickly noticed their synching problems.
    I found that Input Fields are just good for inputing data, not storing data.

    So what I did was store my character sheet data in labels (Buttons with zero length and width)
    I only create the input fields when its time to update the data, then I copy the data over to the Buttons, and remove the input fields.

    Works great.

    You just need to have an Edit Button that quickly creates the Input Fields where ever data can be input,
    and a Save Button that quickly copies all the data to the Button Labels and deletes the Input Fields.


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