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Thread: Steam workshop mods

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    Steam workshop mods

    I just bought tabletop simulator and there are a lot of steam workshop mods on the steam site that I want to play (like the DC deckbuilder mod, marvel Dicemaster , etc..) But I can't figure out how to add them/download/ access them on the tabletop simulator.

    So could someone please tell me what to do so I can access these mods with tabletop simulator. I can't find instructions anywhere.

    Thanks for the help

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    Steam workshop mods

    Go on the steam workshop page for this game > subscribe the mods you want > launch game and make a Single player or multiplayer game > a box called "Games" should popup and in the upper left you will see "steam workshop" box. click it and you will see all the workshop mods. if you want to load up another mod, go to the top bar and click Host > Games. Have fun and Welcome to the forum btw.

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