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Thread: Crashes when loading the Tablet(windows 10 64)

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    Crashes when loading the Tablet(windows 10 64)

    Like it is said in the Title,
    every time i load the tablet in any session, the game crashes.
    i verified the game integrity, i reinstalled the game, i updated graphic card drivers the flash player. Still happens.

    I run a Windows 10 system 64 Bit.

    I can add the error and output_log File if needed.


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    Hi there,

    Type /log in chat or -log in your launch options to begin logging

    Type -notablet in your Steam launch options for TTS and try again to see if it crashes.

    Then let us know and attach your log file which can be found here: Steam Library/steamapps/common/Tabletop Simulator/Tabletop Simulator_Data/output_log.txt

    Also include your DxDiag.


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