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Thread: Adding idle animation to model?

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    Adding idle animation to model?

    Right so. Recently I got TTS and I have already started experimenting with adding custom models. Adding the models themselves is pretty easy, however I cannot for the life of me figure out how exactly I add a idle animation to a model.

    I am completely new to unity, only picking it up for TTS and I have figured out how to make simple asset bundles. But would anyone be able to guide me or help me with adding an idle animation that doesn't need to be activated and is just there while you place the figure down. Or perhaps if there is a good very detailed tutorial of how I could do so, that would be nice too.

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    You can do an normal looping animation in Unity. It will activate automatically and keep animating in TTS.
    But you might run into problems if you try to do some TTS controlled animations at the same time.

    Otherwise you need to create a TTS controlled looping animation in Unity and start/loop it with script.

    An example of continuous animation, coupled with TTS animations can be found in my TTB mod.
    Check out the fighter planes. The flying motion is a continuous loop in the asset bundle. The effects are made in unity, but controlled by TTS
    Doesn't help you with creating the asset bundle animation, but shows you the Lua code you can control them with.

    There is also a good thread about asset bundle animations in the forum:

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