(If this already works, don't mind this suggestion)

A general suggestion to states:

When you create a state of a 2 tiles, one tile is "blank" or "fog of war", the other tile showing a resource, lands, cities, etc. Now, combining these two tiles into a state could create an awesome fog of war-mechanic. The general idea of it would be that the Red player could "explore" a tile, triggering the second state which would reveal lands, planets, resources, cities or whichever is on the second state. Now, other players wouldn't see the tile-state (2/2) that Red player sees only a blank or foggy tile. Red player would proceed to have this tile showing 2/2 of the state, while the other players would only see the first state (1/2). Red player would basically "own" the tile and whoever places a marker or token on the tile would be able to reveal it to themselves, individually and see what the Red player have done with the place.

I don't know if this already works like this, or if it is simple not possible. I haven't tried to bring in a friend to see how the states is working between two players (..who has friends when you need them..).

~ Zecc