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Thread: Rule Machine (Tool: In Game Rule Books)

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    Rule Machine (Tool: In Game Rule Books)

    What dose it do?

    Basically this mod is trying to make it easier for other mod'rs to make a quick and simple rule book. You can import your rules pages into TTS, I recommend as a deck of cards, but you can use anything. Then simple name each page with its numerical page number and either place into a deck or each individual card in a bag.

    Once you add the GUID of your source to the mod, when you open the book it will load the pages. You can close the book, move it, scale it and rotate it and the pages will go to the correct spot. I have also added some simple buttons to jump to a certain page as well as move forward and backward in the book. With some minimal tweaking you can bild your own index buttons to act as "bookmarks" for important pages.

    Have Fun and ROLL HIGH

    • [url=]Rule Machine (Tool: In Game Rule Books)[/url] @SteamWorkshop


    Please see the YouTube Video for instructions on how to incorporate this Rule Book
    into your own games. You can find a "tablet" in the bag next to this text to play
    the yuotube in TTS. Otherwise on the mod page you can also view the video.

    Basically you need to edit the script and set the GUID of the SOURCE object for the
    rules. The field you need to edit is the very top of the script. This can be a DECK
    or a BAG of objects. Each object or card needs to have the NAME FIELD set to the
    numeric value of the page and nothing else. I also recommend making sure each page
    has no tool tips.

    To add your own rules, make sure the book is set to a scale of {1,1,1}. Then place
    a page on the book and it should snap. Now scale the page so the WIDTH fits neatly
    on a single page of the Rule Machine. Once you have that done set your deck scale
    or the scale of each object in the bag to match. Finally if needed select the Rule
    Machine and non-uniform scale it to make the height look neat.

    As the pages are taken form a "source" bag or deck, you need to have the source bag
    or deck somewhere in your mod. Best idea is to hide it under the table where no one
    can see it. Even if you do this there can be some problems of people accidentally
    clicking or even taking items from your source decks. You can easily stop this. If
    you look at the script code, click on GLOBAL. Simple add the GUIDs into the
    "megafreeze" variable you find there. The values in are for the demo and should be
    removed. Now all you need to do is once you are done setting up your mod, copy this
    global code into your own mods global section.

    Again, if you are having problem please WATCH THE VIDEO you can find on the
    mod page @steamworkshop.


    Special Thanks to CRAZYVULCAN for making the book mesh for us!

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    looks good man!

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