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Thread: Add line numbers in TTS script editor

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    Add line numbers in TTS script editor

    C'mon do something make TTS script editor more like SCRIPT editor not TEXT editor
    At least add line numbers in TTS script editor

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    [url][/url] The in-game editor isn't really meant for editing. It is there for convenience. It would be a huge amount of work to make a feature filled editor inside Unity. If you intend to do any scripting, you'd be better off all around using ATOM or something comperable

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    line numbers in TTS editor would help to find faulty line from error message faster, and fix it if it's not something complicated.

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    When I personally code I use Notepad++ and keep a copy of all my code on my computer. I make the changes in notepad++ and copy it across. If I get an error I go back and look at the line it is corresponding to and fix it.

    I personally would recommend looking into ATOM since you can make changes and save it and it'll reload in the game instantly. Removes the double handing of copy and pasting... Not to mention the syntax highlighting

    Have a wonderful day

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    I dislike to use Atom because sometimes:
    It doesn't save my scripts
    Some object funcs are missing in the mod
    I need to type the whole word 'function' to make a func
    Shortcuts in the mod don't work

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