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Thread: Kingdom Death Table - Full of Scripting Applications

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    Kingdom Death Table - Full of Scripting Applications

    I finally posted my Kingdom Death Table to Public. I worked on this for 3-4 months straight along with my partner Kijan. There are all kinds of scripting examples in the table. I thought others may find either the table fun to play or inspiration for scripting ideas.


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    cool... it is so complex though you should make a video tutorial on it!

    Dose this mean you will be posting your 7thC one as well? I get asked almost daily for that mod lol

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    No, I don't think I should post that to public. Maybe one day after the 2nd KS delivered.

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    @Tragic - here are the videos. How do I update the thread title?

    part 1

    part 2

    - - - Updated - - -

    I would post more but this forum won't let me.

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    you can't... and you just have to make new posts... smae way you add a reply I thnk

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    So the workaround to spamming the forum with videos is to make new threads, spamming the forums? lol

    I guess youtube messed up my voice on upload. It doesn't sound like that on the video on my computer. Any tips, advice for settings? I'm using OBS to record.

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    Well technically you not allows to post game threads on this forum.. Beserk want to keep them all separate for copywrite reasons.

    I am surprised it has not been deleted actually.

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