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Thread: Rotation shouldn't be availible when object is locked.

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    Exclamation Rotation shouldn't be availible when object is locked.

    When you lock an object you still can rotate it if it has rotation values. For example, i added sides names with rotation values for a card that used as a map in tiny epic kingdoms, usually you locking them after placing to make it easier to put and grab meeples to/from it, but if you want to lay meeple down (with "2" key) and miss curssor form meeple to card at the base - this card gets unlocked automaticly and flips leaving meeples underneath it.

    So basically, i suggest that lock state should also restrict rotation of an object.

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    That can be nice to have though. Ideally you should be able to set if rotation values can still be used when the object is locked.

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    I will say that for a game I played recently, you had to move the tile that players were standing on and had other tokens on it. Not being able to rotate locked objects would have been a mess. Same with flipping

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