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Thread: Anime style flat shading (Unlit shader) materials appear somewhat transparent

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    Anime style flat shading (Unlit shader) materials appear somewhat transparent

    Hi, I'm trying to import some anime characters into TTS using Unity.

    In Unity, changing the materials to "unlit/texture" looks great (flat shading). After creating the asset bundle, and importing into TTS, the unlit surfaces appear partially transparent. On the other hand, it looks perfect in Unity.

    Is this an intended behaviour, or am I doing it wrong? Is there a fix for this?


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    Thanks to Locoparentus on discord, we've worked out the issue to be this:

    "If I remember rightly I think the Unlit texture shader is Ignored by the third party Ambient Occlusion Effect/layer TTS adds to the room so What I guess your seeing is the AO effect of the objects behind it through your unlit texture model."

    The problem is fixed by turning off SSAO in the graphics settings in TTS.

    Is this fixable in a future update?

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