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Thread: Moving objects perfectly under the cursor

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    Exclamation Moving objects perfectly under the cursor

    I've seen a lot of people try TTS and abandon it really quickly simply because objects don't move fluidly under your cursor but instead lag behind.

    This fact may come as a direct description of that problem or simply those people feeling that controls are unresponsive in TTS or just "feel bad". I love TTS and have been part of the community for years. But even *I* have to admit that there's some games that are just not worth playing in TTS because that lag means handling and moving lots of objects makes the game too drawn out in TTS to be worth it.

    To fix that, I think having objects stick perfectly under the cursor while we're moving them (just like in every other game) would do it. This should definitely be the case for Locked physics mode but i'd argue that it should also be true for Semi-locked and even Full, simply because it feels better. But in Locked (/semi-locked), the intent is clearly to not be playing around with a physics engine, so having objects lag behind because of (what I assume must be) the physics engine is doing a big disservice to the game.

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    I have to say, I never had a problem with this part of the gameplay. Please elaborate what games are "just not worth playing" because I can't imagine any.

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    Basically, games that have you move a lot of cards to and from a lot of different places add a lot of extra time in TTS compared to real life. A specific example is Millenium Blades. You move cards from a market, a hand, your player boards. And having to wait that 0.2s for the card to catch up to your hand all the time adds up quite a bit. I could tolerate it, but playing that game in real life would be significantly faster than in TTS. and since it's already a pretty long game, it makes it not worth the effort

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