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Thread: hand position bug

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    hand position bug

    i save game and load the game and overwrite game and load game......
    i repeat this many time for play
    then suddenly i find hand Y position is changed.
    anytime when overwrite game, then hand Y position is changed.
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    Hey there, I'm sure exactly what you're referring to. Can you perhaps post some screenshots of what you're talking about?

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    I will post screen shot when i go home.
    But i will go home after 11hour

    So I explain what i did
    1. Load any game
    2. check hand Y position by gizmo
    3. Save game
    4. Load save game
    5. Check hand Y position by gizmo
    6. Save game(over write)
    7. Load save game

    I found table hand zone Y position is changed

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    here is screenshot

    0. I just load solitaire
    1. save game
    2. load saved game
    3. overwrite saved game
    4. load the saved game

    i repeat this and check Y position
    then Y position change every time

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