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Thread: Steam controller no longer works with TTS again

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    Steam controller no longer works with TTS again

    I don't know who is the cause here, whether it's Valve with a Steam Beta update or Berserk with a TTS update, but TTS has stopped accepting inputs from my Steam controller or any controller using steam's remapper. I can still move the mouse, but any Xinput button/stick inputs simply do nothing. A xbox controller direct to the game, or in other words with steams remapper off, works while a ps4 controller doesn't.

    I saw an old locked steam bug report of the same problem but that was posted a year ago and my controller was working more recently than that so I'm posting the problem here again.

    I'm on windows 8.1 and I'd say the exact version numbers of steam and TTS if I new where to find them. But I'm always up to date with no betas on both.
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    I don't have a controller to test this so hopefully someone will have one and let us know if there's is working fine so we can get to the bottom of this.

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