We are four 18 yr old British lads looking to experience a decent D&D game.
We have decent game knowledge and understand the TTS game well and think its time to delve deeper into an RPG like D&D, we are inexperienced in ANY form of D&D and are open to any version of the game you suggest. We hold a general concept of the game and have all seen videos of it played online so we understand some elements.

We are hoping to Build a character sheet before hand so we can get as much of the preparation out of the way as we are keen to have an optimized experience, feel free to give us templates so the game can be run as you like and is a familiar setting for you!

Our group is willing to play for sessions between 4-8 hours in a sitting if needed. we are also open to the idea of adding new players to the game if you have any friends willing to be tolerant with us.

We are willing to do some research on our own and build our knowledge of the basics, but would very much like an extra hand in the DM'ing and leading of the game story as we as a group don't tend to story build well.

Looking to assemble for this game in the next two weeks, preferably between 28th of March and the 7th of April excluding the evening of the 30th.

please feel free to contact me me on my steam ID or through my personal discord server at the links below.

Discord : [url]https://discord.gg/WBWhrmu[/url]

Steam ID : [url]https://steamcommunity.com/id/Noddy12142342382378923/[/url]

Many thanks