I recently developed a heavily modified version of the existing Kantai Collection tabletop card game mod for Tabletop Simulator.

I've come to call this project of mine Operation: New Hope.

The year is 2065. The world has gone to shit. The invasion of a force of jet-black abominations, known as the Abyssals, has pushed Humanity out of the sea, and has begun an invasion of the mainland, hell-bent on destroying Humanity. As a last-ditch effort to push their forces back, Russia launches Operation: New Hope; The development of a large mobile base in the form of a supercarrier, the UWSS New Hope, built to carry a fleet of girls known as Kanmusu: Women with the souls of old warships imbedded in them, and equipped with sets of armor and weaponry known as Riggings. Using their extraordinary abilities, and led by the Russian battleship Gangut, and the Japanese Grand Admiral Yutani Jun, the crew of the New Hope hopes to begin humanity's strike back against the Abyssal forces, and reclaim the seas.

This functions a lot like XCOM, for those who have played it. A world map displays the position of side-objectives and story-objectives, as well as enemy movements, front lines, and of course, the ship's position.

The Battles take place in Tabletop simulator as well, atop a 20x20 grid. Players and Enemies are move, shoot, and use their abilities to outgun and outsmart each other.

Each character has their own card, combat ability, unique ability, and completely customizable loadout. An EXP and levelling system allows the kanmusu to get stronger with each battle, allowing them to increase their stats, gain new abilities, and go through remodels, which change their appearances and make them even stronger.


Outside of Tabletop Simulator, characters and NPCs interract with each other throughout the various locations and facilities described on the Discord. Whether it be on the New Hope herself, the ports she's docked at, out at sea, or even in battle, there are several scenarios that can be created, explored, and expanded upon.

Anybody can join, and any ship is usable, so long as they have some form of Kancolle art, or, if the person is VERY descriptive in regards to the appearance of their character.
Tabletop Simulator isn't required, either. The host of the battle will stream the game from Twitch, so those who lack the game or don't want to join can still easily participate.
And, being based in discord, it's incredibly easy to join. Our admins are eager and willing to help any and all who would like to join in. Knowledge on Kantai Collection isn't required, either; the players currently involved, as well as the admins, are VERY well-versed in their shipgirls, and in the RPG. They'll be willing to help those who don't know a damn thing about Kancolle, learn about how everything works.

We're happy to accept all people into our community. I'm not just here to make an RPG, I'm here to make a community, where people can hang out if they're not in an RPing mood.

So feel free to join! We'd love to have you on-board for the journey!