G'Day Tragic Here

This is a small tool for handling games with [/b]HIDDEN SIMULTANEOUSLY REVEALED BIDS[/b]. It will not cover all situations, but will work for most games as it. If you need help for your mod let me know.

The mod dose not understand ties, as so many games handle those things differently.

It will simply list all the bids in the chat in descending order.

Please see my Youtube Video for more information

The Mod only dose text readouts.. but if you are decent at scripting once it has the data you could make it do a lot more things, like pulling tokens from player boards and placing them in a pot or pretty much anything. It returns Player Colour and Bid Amount, you could script that data to do any number of automations.

Hope you like it...

Have Fun and ROLL HIGH

How do I use this Mod?

Only players of the same colour can press any of the tools. So ONLY a white player can press the White Tool

  • Simply import the BAG from this mod into your own game.
  • Drag out the Announce Button
  • Drag out the Coloured Tools that match the coloured seats in your mod

  • Each Bidding Tool can only be clicked on by the player of the correct colour.
  • The bid is counted after you stop clicking. So click as fast as you like. .when you stop clicking it sets your bid.
  • 1 click == a bid of ZERO. So to bid 10 you need to click it 11 times. This is trivial to do as you just count from zero.. so each time you click the mouse count.. but start at zero.

  • The tool will print to the bidder and only them what the tool is set for.
  • Two Buttons Appear.. "C" and "R"
  • Press "C" to Confirm
  • Press "R" to Reset the tool and set your bid again

Once all tools are set to "confirm" you can press the "Announce Button" and it will print all the bids in descending order and in the player colours.

Please see my Youtube Video for a visual demo

LINK : [url=http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1188576836]Hidden Simultaneously Revealed Bidding (TOOL)[/url] @SteamWorkshop