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Thread: Wizardz - Fire and Ice (a Winter version of my Wizard's Quest game)

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    Wizardz - Fire and Ice (a Winter version of my Wizard's Quest game)


    Inspired by the recent interest in my game due to it being in the TTS 'Spotlight', I'm just putting the finishing touches to this Winter themed version of Wizardís Quest that I had started a while ago, but then lost interest in. It can be played either as a stand-alone game or alternatively, can be used as an expansion pack for the original game.

    The change in name to Wizardz is to avoid confusion with an existing board game from the 70ís called Wizardís Quest. I'm not sure if I can or even should change the name of my original Workshop upload in the future though.

    'Wizardz - Fire and Ice' will have new spells, objects, and tasks, a new location and a new monster to replace the Devil, who doesn't like the cold!! The monsters have also been coloured now to help make them more visible against the snow-covered board.
    Some board blocks have also been re-drawn to remove the small areas of ground that could cause mistakes in movement by players of the original game.
    I have made a couple of major rule changes in the new game too concerning object collection and healing, as well as adding a new Ďfire and iceí concept that will allow players to manipulate the landscape during the game by freezing water and melting ice! There are also fire and ice barriers to replace the original barrier from Wizard's Quest.

    Hopefully I'll have the new game ready and uploaded in the next couple of weeks.

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    Wizardz - Fire and Ice is now available:

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