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Thread: "Hover over an item" hotkey?

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    Question "Hover over an item" hotkey?

    Maybe there's a way to do it already but unfortunately I didn't find it.
    The problem is it's not very comfortable to use such tools like mp3 player or tablet. Mostly because one need to spend too much time and effort to align the camera right. Of course, saving camera position can help... until someone moves the needed item.
    It'd be great if Tabletop Simulator had some hotkey that centers a selected item and positions camera above it at a near 90 degree angle (and perhaps autozooms so it occupies 60-80% of screen space). This feature could potentially save lots of time and make interaction with tablet, mp3player, fillable charsheets etc. much easier.

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    You can press P two times to get into orthrographic top view. That should help align your view with things lying flat on the table.

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    I kinda wish there was a way to make the camera rotate at the angles set on the UI. So you could got orthographic and then rotate it quickly by 15/30/45/60/90 degrees. Maybe with like ctrl+arrows, for the default binding

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    -- Which scripting button will trigger zoom-in
    local triggerIndex = 1
    function onScriptingButtonDown(index, playerColor)
        -- Return if invalid player or wrong button clicked
        if playerColor == 'Grey' or index ~= triggerIndex then return end
        -- Return if no hover object
        local obj = Player[playerColor].getHoverObject()
        if not obj then return end
        -- Focus camera on the hover object
            position = obj.getPosition(), 
            yaw = obj.getRotation().y + 180, 
            pitch = 80, 
            distance = 5
    Paste that wherever and press scripting button 1 (default: 1 on numpad) to trigger on zoom-in.

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    Wow... dzikakulka, thank you a lot. This script is just perfect. I hope someday it will be an essential part of TTS so everyone can use its convenience.

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    Made a mod of it [URL=""][/URL].

    I wanted to make the camera return to it's original position, but you currently can't access the camera's transform, so there's no way to return to whatever position you were at before pressing

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