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Thread: Need help with a fairly simple broadcast script.

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    Need help with a fairly simple broadcast script.

    -What I am after-

    A script for a die that when rolled, will broadcast the face up value to the player in the GM seat.

    I have attempted for several hours now to modify scripts from various workshop mods including MrStumps various dice rollers but I don't want a button press, I would prefer to have the broadcast happen whenever the dice are rolled.

    I am guessing the code will be something like "function endRoll -> get value self -> broadcast to player black" but for the life of me I can not figure out the correct syntax.

    Please help!

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    For context, I am GMing a game with 8 players and often do not have the time or wherewithal to go around the table checking rolls (initiative, perception etc) so this will help me at a glance see what each player performing a skill rolls.

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    You can modify this scripted die. [url][/url]

    Take the code, put it on a D20, then go into the script. You can see where it checks the result of the die and changes the die's color. Cut the bit out where it changes the color and replace it with

    if Player["Black"].seated then Player["Black"].broadcast(roll result here) end

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    What you probably want to do is have some kind of script that gets the roll results dynamically. It really depends on how the game is set up.

    Do they roll the same dice, that you pass around.. or do they have their own dice.
    Do they have a special spot to roll their dice?

    Basically you want to do a test on getObjects() of a script zone they roll in, or getAllObjects() to test the entire scene, find the dice values add them if needed and print them... Personally I like to "find" dice based on the colour values rather than tooltip, as any tool tip information is shown on mouse over.

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