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Thread: Getting the player's colour via scripting

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    Getting the player's colour via scripting


    This mod by the ever amazing MrStump has code that assigns the colour/name of the person using the tool to a variable rollerColor, however I cannot work out exactly how that variable is discovered.

    function buttonClick_roll(_, rollerColor) presumably uses rollerColor as an input for the function, but I can't work out how rollerColor is actually determined.

    I apologise in advance for the what I presumably assume is an idiot-question.
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    When you click a button, it automatically passes 2 parameters. The first is the object the button was attached to (which I did not use, which is why you see an _ for it) and the second is a string of the player color that clicked it.

    Not an idiot-question at all. The new API goes a lot further in explaining it ([URL=""][/URL])

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    Ah that makes sense. I'm not using a button so while I can't use this method, thank you for the help!

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