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Thread: Adding 'Line Tool' support to the API for Scripting purposes

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    Adding 'Line Tool' support to the API for Scripting purposes

    Sorry, I posted this request in the wrong section when it should be here. Feel free to delete the other thread. I will repost it here.

    To the Developers of TTS,

    I would like to request a feature to be added to the API and thats the line tool. In certain circumstances or games we would like to use this tool to vote on a card. Now without an API that supports the line tool we cannot make it behave the way we want it to. I have included an example picture to further show what we would like to accomplish by having this added to the API.

    What we would like to accomplish is for the API to detect and pass on variables as player color, origin point, ending point, length, etc. This will allow scripters to create functions that rely on this tool. Have it pass that information so that we can determine which player is voting for what.

    I hope that you consider my requests so that we as a community can continue to create great games and stuff for the workshop.



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    Can this please be added.

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    I am unclear why the line tool would be used for voting; how are you using it?

    My thought is to vote by hovering over a card and press a scripting key.

    You could also use an XML drop box with a list of choices, and even a field to enter a preference value, this is hidden from other players.

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    I'm not sure if you're familiar with how this game works. Basically there are 2 teams... Red vs Blue. Each team has 1 spymaster and a maximum of 4 players.

    I have been trying to find the best method for voting in this game and so far most people who play this have been using the line tool to show to the spymaster that they are voting on a particular word card. I guess because the line are colored the same as the player color making it easier to see which player is voting for which card. But the votes need to be unanimous.

    The reason I am requesting to have API support for the line tool is so that it can detect which player color is voting or hovering over a certain object and for how long. All this data can be collected through the API and then scripted further to register it as a true or false for a particular vote.

    Could you please explain your method? I am interested and open to suggestions to make this process more efficient and user friendly.

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    I would also rather use UI for card voting, but if you want to keep the visible line, you can mock something like it from scripting. I've created a little script you can paste on a Go piece or something and edit in your stuff, by default holding scripting button 1 (numpad 1 if you haven't remapped them) to draw a line. That way you can e.g. do some initialization in the onDrawStart and check Player[color].getHoverObject() to see what he may want to vote on.
    There's a "config" section on top of the script you can adjust line height/width in, add your own handling when line draw starts/ends etc.

    Let me know if you had any trouble using this.

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