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Thread: WARLINE: Tactical Fantasy Battles now available in the Workshop

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    WARLINE: Tactical Fantasy Battles now available in the Workshop

    I recently got my original game, WARLINE: Tactical Fantasy Battles up and running on the TTS Workshop. Let me know what y’all think, or if you have any questions.

    Also, I’m currently organizing a tournament for *new players* to WARLINE—$100 cash prize to the winner. If y’all have any interest, let me know and I’ll post a link to the announcement.

    Game link:

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    This game looks fantastic. I watched the whole 30min rules video and I think this is going to be a highly competitive game. Simple, elegant rules -- zero luck (other than who starts first). Winning a game of Warline would kick ass, losing would be hard on the ego. Great concept, plus it's nice to look at.

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    Wow, thanks for the kind words!

    You absolutely summed up our goals for Warline, and also managed to perfectly capture the emotions we hope the game elicits. In fact, I lost a battle last night, and it haunted me all the way through today, because it was my own foolish mistake that cost me—and I love that! I love the fires that drive me to redeem myself, and to continually improve on the battlefield. I also love the fires of pride that burn in me after a victory.

    We hope to see you on the battlefield, too. We’ve just begun to build a community of friendly competitors on Discord—you’re more than welcome to join us.

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    ElJayPlay, I think Warline would be a great game for machine learning. Google is doing some great stuff with this. It would be intresting to see how long -- if ever -- a machine could 'solve' Warline. They are very close to solving chess. Warline may be just the kind of machine 'problem' they are looking for. I have high hopes for your game; I hope it catches fire.

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    Interesting thought. I would definitely love to find out whether or not Warline is possible to solve. Where Chess operates on static patterns (leading to predictable game states), Warline doesn’t (leading to possible game state counts that are orders of magnitude greater than those in Chess). Also, Warline has four quite different victory conditions, which each look at game states from a completely different perspective. If Warline is solvable, I imagine it would take one hell of an AI to do it! (Edit: I almost forgot to mention that Warline also has a *highly* variable startup, which would throw another wrench in the AI’s learning process.)

    I recently finished a project with a Google R&D team (unrelated to tabletop gaming—day job stuff). I might just ping my contacts and run your idea by them.

    Thanks for the best wishes 🙏🏻

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