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Thread: Hello guys

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    Hello guys

    Hi all

    I just found this awesome simulator and had to buy it!
    For me this game is very special, because around 3 years ago my brother and me had the exact same idea of having just a sandbox for almost every kind of boardgame or pen & paper game and we did some planning. We started with programming but never had the time and experience to go further than moving 3D objects on a table.
    I'm really happy to see this game realized so well and looking forward to the upcoming development!
    I hope I can provide some ideas I had with my brother and can come up with new things.

    See you,

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    Hello guys

    Welcome to the community gmax,

    We are glad you found us and look forward to hearing your suggestions.

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    Hello guys

    Hey gmax, welcome to the forums! I'm so happy this means something to you and awesome that you had a similar idea as well! Definitely feel free to post your ideas, we'd love to hear them. Thanks

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