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Thread: new UI system - "Self" as event function target

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    new UI system - "Self" as event function target

    I know that you can use the GUID of an object to have a UI element trigger a function in game, but would it be possible to add the ability to have "self" to refer to the object that spawned the UI? (which falls back to Global if the UI was not spawned by an object?)

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    Wait, how does a script dynamically add an element to the UI? I thought they had to be always defined by hand in the UI xml file. Probably missing something obvious but can't find it in the API.

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    Objects, and scripting in general, do not spawn UI elements. You can only show/hide elements that are part of the table's UI layer. If you wanted to dynamically change where a UI element is pointed, you would just change its function triggering attribute with UI.setAttribute(...)

    Could change in the future, but that is likely you best bet currently.

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    Ah, I follow now.
    So basically, I cannot import an object with a UI but I rather have to open up a save game with a UI present.

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