I'd love some feedback on this original card game I've designed, particularly from people who aren't learning it directly from me. It's a very simple, ~10 minute 2 to 8 player game. Check it out on the workshop, and after you've played a couple rounds, head back to the workshop page or even this forum thread and post a review for me. Thanks in advance!


You are all members of a shapeshifting alien race who canít really control their shapeshifting ability, and youíve all been enslaved as gladiators for the entertainment of the rest of your society. The winner earns their freedom. The rest will die.

The rules of this coliseum are a bit more complex than a simple battle royale, however. Firstly, you can only target aliens that have assumed the form of your assigned target card. Second, your weapon only works when it matches with the DNA of your current form. And thirdly, as previously mentioned, you have little control over your shapeshifting abilities, and therefore, no idea what your current form is. You know what the other contestants look like, but you donít know yourself. You donít know who might be out to get you, and you donít know if your weapon will work on your target when you try to use it. Playable with 2 or more players.