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Thread: Paths: Temple of Ukro'Kaah 1-6 player Dungeon Crawl

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    Paths: Temple of Ukro'Kaah 1-6 player Dungeon Crawl

    Paths: Temple of Ukro'Kaah is finally at a point where we have started opening the doors to playtesters that wish to participate in alpha testing.

    You may also find this in the crowdfunding thread over in the Paths: Temple of Ukro'kaah forum on BGG [URL=""][/URL]

    Rules for the game can be found here [URL=""][/URL]

    Alpha Sample.jpg

    Alpha Sample 1.jpg

    In this first stage of Alpha testing expect to test the following:

    2 classes (Warrior and Priest)
    A small scenario involving the Smunchy as the final boss
    The solo mode will be available as it is similar to multi-player mode but allows the solo player to play with multiple characters.

    Core rule summary to be expected
    Core deck building mechanics
    Core tile mechanics
    Core hero mechanics
    Core equipment mechanics
    Core gem socketing mechanics
    Core Phases
    Core Combat
    Core Pygmy Uwakuun and Huling Uwakuun enemies (no elites)
    Core timed action phase
    Core Path Point and Class Point system
    Core Event Deck mechanics
    Core Movement mechanics
    Core Death and Resurrection mechanics
    Rough visual prototype

    We are looking for any feedback you can give us on this. We have had a lot of progress so far and are looking forward to more. Please let me know if you have any questions or problems or let me know your experience with the game. Thanks!
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    Just wanted to share this even though it's not for the module. We just got protoype minis in!


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    We did an interview and a live play through of the game with the GeekSpiel on their series Tablecrashers. If you're curious how the game plays feel free to check it out!

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