Descent: Journeys in the Dark is the board game equivalent of a dungeon-crawling tabletop RPG. It has a simple enough premise: four heroes band together to take on the forces of the evil Overlord across a series of quests. What sets Descent apart, however, are its replayability and sense of progression. Though each campaign consists of only nine quests, all but the first of those quests can vary wildly, and the heroes themselves can change as well. As the campaign progresses, the heroes grow in power, acquiring new power and abilities - but the Overlord also gets stronger, reinforcing his deck of cards with new additions and gaining stronger monsters. A single campaign can be played several times, and can turn out entirely differently depending on the heroes and their classes, how they advance, the monsters the Overlord chooses, and who takes which victories.

I'm looking to put together a group of myself and four more players (ideally; I we can work with fewer) to run through the game - at least one campaign, and maybe more if there's interest. Since I have the physical game, I'll take on the role of the Overlord, and the remaining players will play the heroes. My plan is for us to play on Saturday afternoons (around 4 pm EST), but I've got some flexibility and may be able to play on other days, depending on when everyone's available. We'll use Discord for voice chat and out-of-game conversation.

If you're familiar with Descent, this is probably all the information you need, but if you've never played before, that's not a problem. Though Descent is a relatively complex game, most of the rules can be absorbed relatively easily (and I'm happy to teach), Fantasy Flight has made the rulebook available for free, and many of the resources you might need (such as items and class abilities), are easy to find on the game's wiki.